Tuesday, June 30, 2009

An Ode to Phyllis Linda Hyman

In Loving Memory

July 6, 1949- June 30, 1995

(This ode was written on the day after Phyllis's death)

Your smokey voice helped me through so many rough times. You gave me understanding of love lost and found, you reminded me "What You Won't Do for Love".

I know you must be singing in heaven with the other divas: Bessie, Sara, Billie and Minnie. All sisters taken away too soon by the bitter sweet of life that asks too much and gave too little. It must be like a gathering of
"Old Friends".

Your intense eyes, full lips and voluptuous six-foot Goddess stature left men wanting and dreamy eyed. You had them "Under Your Spell".

Your lyrics reflect both the joy and pain of love. I so wish you had found true love "Somewhere in Your Life Time".

Now you're gone at age 45, just at the peak of realizing your worth and possibilities.
"You Were in the Prime of Your Life".

On June 30, 1995, you chose to removed yourself from this earthly plane. Life got to be too much, you
"Just "Couldn't Take It Anymore".

Missing was a true sister and brother circle to hold and protect you when the going got tough. Someone to insure you got the help and support you needed. Someone to say,
"This Too Shall Pass Away"

You sang such sad songs of love. Always searching for someone to love you, but never really learning to love the person within. "The Answer Was You".

So long Phyllis, we love you and we honor you. " You Refused to Be Lonely". May you now find comfort in the arms of God. As long as we speak your name and play your music your legacy and shining spirit will live on.

* copyright 1996 all rights reserved.

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